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The largest island group in the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea course, bears the ancient name Cyclades. Twenty four inhabited islands and hundreds of beautiful islands and islets surround the largest and most fertile island of the group, Naxos. From the first historian of antiquity Herodotus, for two and a half thousand years, writes Island words of praise and great admiration and reveals diffuse impressive reputation of the island world of antiquity. It was a considerable force and had an active role in the political, trade and the economy to produce goods, art. This Naxos faced the naval strength of the Persians, just before their major campaigns in Greece. A few years after the Naxos involved with ships and troops together with other Greeks in the wars against the Persians and Naxos name appears at the bottom of the gold tripod dedicated the Sanctuary of Delphi and Olympia the Greeks after the battle of Plataea in 479 BC. Ten short years later, in 469 BC, Naxos had the power, not as the military, the economic and political, reactive in Athenian politics as rulers, to secede from the powerful Athenian League and not in the period of decline, so it will become easier this task, but the time that the Alliance was powerful and threatening, and participation in it was a dream and an honor for most Greek cities.

Naxos has self-sufficiency in agricultural and livestock products. They are reputed as fruits, vegetables, wines, drinks. It produces large quantities of oil, potatoes, meat, dairy products. The fishing fleet gives plenty of fresh fish, which is always a challenge. One more thing: Naxos is the richest market folk art products and traditional crafts: sculpture, pottery, embroidery, weaving, basketry.

Modern tourist units, small and medium-sized family businesses tended with care accommodation, the island architecture, with a large plithios shops of all kinds, covering optimally the needs of visitors.

Restaurants, taverns, ouzo, traditional coffee shops, cafes, and bars, discos, nightclubs with live music, respond to the wishes of the most demanding visitor. The nightlife in Naxos is strong and a very good level.

Naxos knows to surprise the visitor, as well as know very well to fascinate him and conquers him. Everyone has to give generously, in young children, the youth, the elderly, thoughtful guests, families: rich and unique market, excursions, walks, all water sports, entertainment and recreation, quiet corners and populous places.

There is place for everyone in Naxos

For all interests, for all ages