Naxos Luxury Suites Sun and Moon

Sun & Moon Villas & Suites

The perfect combination of sea, sun, tranquillity and luxury

“SUN & MOON LUXURY VILLAS & SUITES” are located in the southern part of Naxos, at one of the most beautiful and cleanest beaches in the island, the Pyrgaki area. It is a summer retreat for unforgettable vacation that offers villas and suites in Cycladic style overlooking the sea.

In our unit surrounding by a large garden where you can enjoy the summer sun, in the swimming pool of about 150 sq.m. or in the jacuzzi overflowing over it, listening to the gurgle of the waters creates a waterfall pool.

If you wish something special which you can enjoy your holidays in one of five independent private villas, including private pool, terrace overlooking the sea and the summer moon in different colors, with your friends in your own pool.

Everything that you need to enjoy your summer vacation, you will find it in our complex in a comfortable and natural environment that ensures tranquility, relaxation and the specificity that the place offers. There is also a playground and a children's pool.


The best choice for summer vacation

The perfect combination of sea, sun, tranquillity and luxury